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A simple snack

for a busy life. 

Here at Tomer Kosher, we abide by the philosophy that simpler is better. We grind one piece of beef (the chuck), mix it with seasoning, and bake it in an all-natural beef casing. This makes for a tender, tasty beef stick without an artificial aftertaste.

TK Beef Sticks contain:

No Gluten, No Flour, No Dairy, No Soy, No Chicken, No Pork, No Fish, No Deer, No Ostrich, No Buffalo, No Sweet Potato, No Quinoa, No Chia Seeds, No Synthetic Collagen, Just Beef. 

The Kosher Difference

Kosher means much more than a blessing, especially when it comes to beef. Here are some of the main differences in the way Tomer Kosher does things vs. regular meat producers:

  1. The hallmark of Kosher production is cleanliness. No porous surfaces are used & everything is sterilized beyond typical USDA requirements.

  2. Only the front half of the cow is used. In fact, TK Beef Sticks are made with Chuck cuts only (very tender & lean pieces).

  3. No pork or dairy is used.

  4. TK Beef Sticks are made with beef collagen casings, due to the fact that standard synthetic casings are not made kosher. This makes for a softer bite.

  5. There is more actual beef used than most snack stick brands. Additional fillers & ingredients complicate the kosher process, so we filled the whole stick with beef.


Chicago Blackhawks Edition

Tomer Kosher is a proud sponsor of Chicago's historic hockey franchise, sporting black & red packaging all over Illinois. Whether you're at the game, the bar, or watching from home, TK Beef Sticks are always a power play. 

Original - Blackhawks Edition
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